Sanremo Radaelli



The company is the merge of two historical Italian companies: since the 1950's both Sanremo and Radaelli Cerchi have been on the steel and aluminium rim market...


...since 1947 Sanremo has been producing aluminium rims, formerly for bicycles and latterly for motorcycles.  

During the same years Radaelli Cerchi (initially named FACEM) has been founded, manufacturing steel rims for both bikes and motorbikes. 

Today Italcerchio srl produces steel and aluminium rims mainly for off-road, racing, heritage and classic bikes.
Our continuous improvements allow us to supply the major motorcycle OE producers; we can build heritage rims on demand too.
Our products are exported to Europe, America and North Africa.

Radaelli Cerchi

1) Radaelli Cerchi catalogue - 1966

2) Radaelli Cerchi advertisement - 1974

3) Oscar for Safety - 1974